The team at Showreels NYC is great! They were efficient, quick, offered directional insight, and had a clear vision for the look and feel of the scene. The final product was a beautiful and I’ve gotten a TON of great feedback on it since!
— Hollin Haley, Actress
Showreels NYC did my very first reel, and continue to do a superlative job putting together and editing my reels. Oriel is collaborative artist and has great taste, he understands what what the reel needs to be to represent the actor best and display the clips in a captivating, concise reel. And, he works quickly as well as delivering terrific results. I’ve had great feedback on my dramatic and comedic reels, thank you, Oriel!!
— Paula Leggett Chase, Actress
I highly recommend Oriel for anyone in need of a reel edit. He is extremely thorough in his approach, listening closely to what the actor wants while integrating current industry standards. His work is professional, reasonably priced and his attitude is fantastic. What a great find!
— Vanna Pillgrim, Actress
Superb! They produced a powerful and brilliantly visual reel that my agents loved. They listened to all my requests and sent me a cut back extremely quick.. Will use them for all demo reel work going forward.

— J Oscar Simmons, Actor
The team at Showreels NYC knows exactly what casting directors want. I have been invited to auditions much more often since I have received my reel from them. Communicating with them was easy, and they work quickly and efficiently, and your guaranteed to get a great product at the end.
I have been working as an actor in Germany, New York and L.A and I partially attribute my progress in the acting world to Showreels NYC.
— Fritzi Marth, Actress
Wonderful! Oriel really works hard and listens to all of your requests. He was quick and worked very hard to get the reels done exactly how I wanted them. He was also patient as I was very picky - he listens to what you want puts in his professional opinion and gives fast wonderful results- I will absolutely be using his services at showreels NYC again- very pleased !!!
— Ashley Blankenship, Actress
Extremely smooth and efficient service, and a pleasure to do business with. Results are are high quality...great editing. Reel has had positive feedback by industry professionals. Will definitely use again.
— Ashley James (Mother of Actor Maxwell James)
They are simply great. Patient, knowledgeable and friendly during the consultation. They were very fast, precise and accommodating with the editing. Great service and professionalism will definitely come back.
— Giacommo Rocchini, Actor
I was enormously pleased with the reel that Showreels NYC prepared for me. I came with very specific requests, and they met all of them, and then some. The final result was exceedingly well edited, and the visuals were delightful. Plus, the entire product was produced within only a few days, far more quickly than I thought possible. I found the editor, Oriel, to be a most pleasant and cooperative individual who was a total professional in every way. It was a delight dealing with him, and I most heartily recommend him to others seeking a reel. I’m sure you will be as thrilled with the results as I was!
— Larry Gevirtz, Actor
Showreels NYC produced my demo reel. From the initial conversation I could tell I was in good hands. Oriel the director was super creative, dedicated, professional and his team was fast and efficient. They are true pros masters of their craft. Don’t look anywhere else.
— Jennifer Mauerhofer, Actress
They have incredible knowledge of what works for visual media as well as all the technical minutia of web, film and editing. They were very receptive to what I wanted for my reel and website and was able to bring his own creative powers to the table...
— Jacob Salas, Actor
Emma Headshot Front.jpg
Showreels NYC is a fantastic service for anyone looking for professional editing, advice and guidance with their showreel. From the first meeting Oriel was professional, informative and truly knew the industry and how to make the most of the work I presented to him. His advice was invaluable and I would highly recommend his service to anyone looking to truly showcase their work.
— Emma Cohen, Actress
Quick and professional, Oriel worked very hard to create a reel for me that both my agent and I are proud to submit. He is great at finding the right clips to use and the price is very reasonable. I would highly recommend him to any actor who needs to have a reel made.
— Andy Prosky, Actor
Working with Showreels on my reel was very easy and fun. They are very good at analyzing clips and selecting which ones showcase your talents best. I was more than pleased with the final product!
— Olivia Cohen, Actress
Very helpful and efficient. They provided wonderful advice and service. I would work with them again in the future.
— Ting Ting Hu, Actress
Professional and awesome. They listened carefully to my desires and helped me formulate them, even going ahead of me suggesting me things I had not even considered but actually wanted...
— Sebastien Clerc, Actor
Very helpful and creative! Oriel the editor is super kind and knows your reel will be a reflection of his work.  His rates are affordable. Love working with him.
— Sulekha Naidu, Actress
They were super knowledgeable and creative when it came to choosing the footage. they would adjust, change or tweak anything I needed/wanted and it would always come out personalized and professional. I highly recommend their services to anyone in the entertainment business!
— Elisa Santamaria, Actress